The Plaza at Old Town Burleson

The Heart of Old Town

This new plaza serves as the “front yard” of the Old Town Master Plan which was initiated and developed by the City of Burleson with the support of the Congress for New Urbanism. Creating a multi-use venue, the plaza supports both the city’s numerous markets and vibrant live music events throughout the year, and offers an enjoyable day-to-day destination, whether a city employee, restaurant customer, or old town resident.

Preserve and Promote

The historic Interurban building and associated trolley cars take a prominent place as the front door to the plaza and in doing so, create a framework for flexible outdoor programming and a welcome space for visitor so learn more about the historical structures. The depot structure has served many purposes throughout the years and continues to do so in the new plaza as a gateway, museum, and community center welcoming the various users that look to enjoy Old Town Burleson.

Reintroduce Nature

Sited on the location of an existing surface parking lot the plaza design takes special care to reintroduce nature and landscape throughout the space. Gardens permeate the plan and integrate a palette of native, low maintenance materials that promote habitat and soften the predominantly paved landscape in the urban core while reducing the velocity and volume of storm water runoff from the site.

Project experience of Eric Garrison while Principal at TBG Partners. Photos courtesy City of Burleson


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