Learn. Grow. Belong.

The Timberview master plan promotes a strong educational component by including a boarding school and teaching farm. This programming, accessible for underserved children in sixth grade through high school offers the opportunity to engage within an immersive, hands-on curriculum which is built-in to school initiatives, craftsman training, and culinary experiences.


An Authentic, Functional Environment

Built on the site of an existing golf course, the Timberview master plan aims to recreate an environment that is more authentic to the Blackland Prairie and reminiscent of the rural landscape of the region. Utilizing the framework of existing ponds and drainageways, the landscape will capture and cleanse storm and wastewater from agricultural operations to protect the surrounding watershed, as well as reduce irrigation demands. Prairie restoration areas, serving as a backdrop for the overall project, will protect wildlife and pollinator habitat, and establish a beautiful and dynamic year-round aesthetic.

A Self-Sustaining Campus

Establishing a self-sustaining development is a key objective for the Timberview master plan. In addition to the educational heart of the Timberview’s campus, the project will include a variety of events and destinations for the day-to-day public as well as incorporate opportunities for local entrepreneurs who want to showcase a farm to table dining experiences, crafted retail offering, or other learning events throughout the year. Also, a series of hospitality cottages and a boutique inn provide a complete suite of hospitality programming to support the economic sustainability of the overall development.


Allen Ridge
Abilene, TX

Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza
Burleson, TX

Urban Gateways
Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX

W Hotel
Nashville, TN

Imagine Rodgers County
Catoosa, OK

The Mix
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